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For conference organization, please contact General Chair, Naomi Devlin, at naomi@google.com or Steering Committee Chair, Harvey Freeman, at h.freeman@ieee.org.

For paper submission and technical program, please contact TPC Co-chairs, Jennifer C. Hou, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, and Krishna Sivalingam, at inftpc08@cse.unl.edu.

For INFOCOM mini-conference, please contact Mini-conference Co-chairs, K.K. Ramakrishnan at kkrama@research.att.com and Byrav Ramamurthy at byrav@cse.unl.edu.

For panel proposal and organization, please contact the Panel Co-chairs, Guoliang (Larry) Xue at xue@asu.edu, and Junshan Zhang at Junshan.Zhang@asu.edu.

For workshop organization and logistics, please contact the Workshop Co-Chairs, Ehab Al-Shaer at ehab@cs.depaul.edu and Mohamed Eltoweissy at toweissy@vt.edu.

For demo submission, please contact Demo Co-chairs, Qian Zhang at qianzh@cse.ust.hk and Xi Zhang at xizhang@ece.tamu.edu.

For student workshop, please contact Student Activities Chair, Chunming Qiao at qiao@computer.org.