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Guidelines for Authors

To be published in the IEEE INFOCOM 2008 proceedings, all accepted papers must be prepared as indicated below, and the final camera-ready versions must be uploaded to the IEEE Conference eXpress site.

Critical: Failure to comply with all the requirements will lead to the removal of the paper from the technical program and the conference record.

It is important for all IEEE authors to recognize that plagiarism in any form, and at any level, is unacceptable and is considered a serious breach of professional conduct, with potentially severe ethical and legal consequences.

Revise your paper

Please revise your paper and address all issues raised in the provided reviews. The formatting requirements for the camera-ready version are available at:


When you complete the revision, please print out and proofread your paper. Remember that the maximum page length is 9 pages for papers in the main program and 5 pages for papers in the mini-conference. IEEE INFOCOM 2008 will not accept final versions that exceed these page limits. Any change in the title of the camera-ready version should be communicated to the INFOCOM TPC Chairs. The list of authors in the camera-ready paper must remain the same as in the originally submitted version.

Make all necessary visa arrangements

If you need a visa to enter the United States, make the visa arrangements in advance since the process might take a few months. Obtaining the visa is your responsibility. To receive a visa assistance letter from IEEE ComSoc, log in your EDAS account, go to the page for your paper, and then:
  1. Proceed toward the bottom of the page and find in the properties column an image of an envelope outlined in yellow; the envelope is located next to the words "visa letter".
  2. Click on the envelope.
  3. The system will allow you to confirm or change your address for the letter.
  4. When requested, the system will generate the letter for you.
If you have any problems, please click the help tab in EDAS.

Register for the conference

At least one author must register for the conference by 11:59 PM (EST) 30 January 2008 as the presenter. The registration website is located at:


As per IEEE ComSoc policies, all accepted IEEE INFOCOM 2008 paper presenters must register at the FULL (member or non-member) rate. For the authors presenting multiple papers, one FULL registration is valid for up to three papers.

Consider your eligibility for a student travel grant

If you are a student, consider applying for a student travel grant. The deadline for student travel grant applications is 31 January 2008. The guidelines for grant applications are available at:


Submit the camera-ready version of your paper

The IEEE Conference eXpress site is open, the conference ID is infocom08. To appear in the proceedings, your paper must be received by 15 January 2008 (11:59 EST). To submit the paper, go to:


Note: ensure that the paper title and author list are complete and accurate so that IEEE Xplore® will archive your paper correctly.

If you experience technical problems uploading your paper, please email to d.romeo@ieee.org to contact Diana Romeo in the IEEE Conference Publishing.

Submit your copyright transfer

After you upload the camera-ready paper and approve its PDF, a Submit Copyright link will appear in your IEEE eXpress account. Follow the link to complete the IEEE e(electronic) Copyright form. After submitting the form electronically, you will receive a confirmation email and will not need to fax or mail the copyright form.

Critical: you must upload the final version of your paper and complete the copyright transfer no later than 15 January 2008 (11:59 pm EST). Otherwise, your paper will be excluded from the program. There will be no extension of this deadline.

If the above guidelines do not provide an answer to any question about the IEEE INFOCOM 2008 publication process, please email to gorinsky@wustl.edu or akuzma@cs.northwestern.edu to contact Sergey Gorinsky or Aleksandar Kuzmanovic who are serving as IEEE INFOCOM 2008 Publications Chairs.