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All-Conference Panel (Panel 1): DoD Research in Networking
Moderator:  Dr. Robert J. Bonneau, AFOSR

Abstract: Current DOD networks are challenged by many issues including increasing content and bandwidth requirements leveraged on heterogeneous architectures that are frequently mobile and under threat from security compromise and interference. Our existing basic assumptions about network protocols and statistical models, however, were developed for network architectures that were much more homogeneous, static, and predictable. We thus would like to discuss new approaches to expand our basic theoretical assumptions and protocols about networks to address the new challenges to DOD networks.


Panel 2: Entrepreneurship in Networking Research


Moderator: Dr. Steven Low, Caltech


Abstract: Science discovers and understands, engineering invents and builds. Entrepreneurship is an important venue for the academic community to make an impact, in addition to publications and mentoring. It not only helps create new industries that change the world, the infusion of researchers can also bring a positive cultural influence to the business world in a non-negligible way. In return, the deep connections these entrepreneurs forge with the market place are a critical source of new directions, which has traditionally led to some of the best academic research.


What are the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs in networking research? How to decide whether or not to commercialize a piece of research? How to navigate the commercial world? How has entrepreneurship changed one's research?


In this panel, we will hear directly from researchers who have gone into the commercial world, some have returned, some just started their journey. There are so many pieces

in building a company that are hidden from the academic community. The panelists will give you a taste of what's involved, their excitements and disappointments, their successes and mistakes. Entrepreneurship is an exhilarating and exhausting journey - come take a peek with your questions.

Panel 3: Networking in Challenging Environments: Hype or Reality
Moderator: Dr. Jie Wu, NSF

Abstract: Network systems operating in challenging environments may require capabilities that go beyond what is offered by the current Internet. This class of networks may include infrastructure-less networks composed of mobile and space-based nodes, operating under varying network conditions. Networks in such environments usually employ wireless or acoustic links for communication. A subset of such networks are currently situated at the edge of the Internet as an add-on, while others require support that is beyond current Internet capabilities, such as data delivery in the absence of end-to-end connection. These networks, developed from special technologies and applications, include (but are not limited to) wireless mobile ad hoc, mesh, sensor, underwater acoustic, delay/disruption tolerant, and aerial and ground vehicular networks. These networks operate under special environments which pose unique challenges to the network design. For example, network connection is highly dynamic and disruptive due to node mobility, unstable wireless links, and scheduled on/off statuses of sensor nodes. Management of such complex networks, and their integration with existing network infrastructures to deliver needed services are examples of other challenges. The purpose of the panel is to provoke discussion on research challenges in these areas and also on possible mechanisms and solutions to address these challenges.